Automated Language Processing

Language processing refers to how we use words to communicate feelings and ideas, and how the interactions are understood and processed. Automated language processing is a field of artificial intelligence, computer science and computational linguistics concerned with the interactions between computers and natural language. As such, it is related to the area of human and computer interactions. Several challenges involve natural language understanding, including enabling computers to infer meaning from human language data and natural language creation. Automated language processing is a part of an overall product that Intelligent Models is developing and integrating.

What is Automated Language Processing?

Automated language processing is a program that can understand real-time events as they occur and form associations with big data like news articles, videos and maps with speech recognition capabilities. The learning methods employed during machine training automatically concentrate on the most common cases, although with handwritten rules it is often not apparent where the effort should be directed. Machine methods to learn language include:

  • Extracting key variables from information
  • Double checking for accuracy
  • Summarizing and highlighting relevant data
  • Facilitating future research
  • Rapid and automated creation of large databases

Here at Intelligent Models, we are focused on generating dynamic algorithms to process words to make the data available to computer applications.

Automated Language Processing and Intelligent Models

A computer program that converts normal language into speech employs systems that render symbolic linguistic representations such as phonetic transcriptions. Human language processing software applications have been comprehensively developed to reconstruct complex speech into organized and simplified data. The goal is to design and build software that provides the following functions of language:

  • Understanding
  • Analysis
  • Generation